SEO Services packages do not guarantee that your website will get listed on all three major search engines within a given period of time, nor is exact positioning is guaranteed.

What is guaranteed is that the quality of the SEO services provided will eventually trigger Search Engines’ indexing indicators on to the website in question. Organic SEO services require time to really dig in and set their mark. The guarantee we make is that our SEO services will achieve results given a proper length of time and dedicated attention.

We benchmarks the website when we first take over an account. Some of the things we mark are, its position with selected keywords, we mark the traffic numbers, we perform 7 tests and we review all the content. Plus we set goals that we need to attain.

After 6 months we perform all the test again and record our findings. We repeat all the tests on the 11th month, record the results and report everything to the client.

If we have not exceeded the initial bench-marked data including the goals we set, we will SEO the website in question Free of charge until we have achieved the preset goals. That is our guarantee.

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